Urbanara "Cotton Ball"

Sprite 'BBQ'

Vermont Lotto

Kettle Chips ‘Simple’

Wolverine ‘Water Resistant’

Panera Bread 'Green Goddess'

Hellmanns ‘Wizard Wedges’

Hellmanns ‘Fishy Delishy’

Toshiba 'Speakers'

Hellmanns 'Chicken Scrumptious'

Sprite 'Fireworks'

Toshiba "Face Recognition"

Lennox "Breathe Easy"

Satsuma Loans "How Do I Get You Alone?"

Kettle Chips '6'

Toshiba 'Price'

Flora "No.1"

Hellmanns Montage

Sprite 'Ice Dunk'

Clipper Tea 'Conga'

Lennox ‘Astronaut’

Wolverine ‘Epic’

H.I.S Juveniles ‘Animal Harness’

Satsuma "Think We're Alone Now"

Wholly Guacamole "Hero"

Panera Bread 'Chilli Lime'

Discovery Foods ‘Perfect Fajita’

Sprite 'Royalty'

Hellmanns "Star of the BBQ"

Flora 'Toast'

Walls 'Pirate Ship'

Hellmanns 'Loved up mash'

Walls 'Peter Peacock'

Chefman ‘Lovers’